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Essential oils are referred to as volatile aromatic compounds – which is a fancy way of saying: they change quickly from liquid to a gas. You’ve probably been in contact with a lot of essential oils (maybe even without realizing it). Think for example of a walk through the forrest and smelling the trees…. Those are essential oils you’re smelling!

The use of plants and essential oils dates back to almost every ancient civilization in the world. While some think that essential oils are a new trend, we know that using plants to promote a healthy mind, body and soul is a time-honored tradition that’s been a part of societies for centuries.

Let your intuition guide you


Plants rely on essential oils to attract friendly herbivores, ward off pests, and heal the plant from injury and infection. These essential oils of the petals, leaves, fruits, stem, bark, resin and rind of the plant play a crucial role in its longevity and resilience. In other words: essential oils are essential to the existence and life of the plant.

The magical thing is that these same essential oils can benefit us in a similar way that they do to the plant. And that’s why using your intuition is so fun regarding essential oils. Just look at nature and feel into what might support you in your challenges & desires!

But – and this is important – it’s critical that you’re using PURE essential oils. There are so many different brands out there, most of which contain synthetic compounds or at the very least, are highly diluted. It’s even possible the brand selling oils doesn’t know exactly what they are selling (if they don’t TEST there oils rigorously). So investigate BEFORE you use an oil!

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Aromatic Anchoring

Essential oils are mostly known for their physical health benefits. However, I like to use them for my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The aroma of an essential oil elicits emotions and internal responses. This is because aromas go directly to the brain’s olfactory system. The olfactory system is responsible for processing smells—essentially giving us the ability to perceive scents.

Once processed by this system, information is delivered directly to the limbic system, sometimes referred to as your emotional brain. That means when you inhale an essential oil, the limbic system creates a response based on the memories you associate with that particular aroma (an aromatic anchor in your brain).
Because responses in the limbic system are based on memory, each person experiences something different from a scent.

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Potential and oils

I love using the gifts of the essential oils in my life. They support me in EVERY area of my well-being. They even help me develop my core strengths and unleash my potential!

So, that’s why I’ve chosen to align myself with dōTERRA essential oils. dōTERRA stands for purity. They PURSUE what’s PURE, on all levels: from the safest, most effective and highest quality essential oils on the planet to the way they take care of their community of growers, farmers, harvesters and distillers. So the energy behind every single drop is so pure and with high vibrations, that I love sharing about them.

If you’re new and looking to start with essential oils. I’t love to welcome you to our team!

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