⫷ Coaching ⫸

Coaching is supporting a learner to unlocking their potential. It is helping them to see rather than teaching them.

Every person is complete from birth. The way we give form to our live is different for everybody. What I believe is when you live from your TRUE nature, you enjoy life more, you experience it differently and it makes you shine. 

No one is you

That is your power

THE Talentscan

Can you truly say you know your innate strengths?

I didn’t. I always asked people what they thought my strengths were. However, what you’re good at is not necessarily the same as your core innate strength.

Sometimes you become GREAT at things as a defence mechanism… and those strengths are probably your pitfalls.

So the question is: HOW DO YOU KNOW???

Subconscious you know. Consciously you can figure it out by keeping track of where your energy lacks are.

I use the Talentscan to make people aware of their innate strengths, potential and pitfalls. This is truly a unique scan, because it uses visuals (archetypical images) instead of a questionnaire. And since you haven’t learned how to assess visuals you have to follow your gut/ heart/ intuition. In other words, it’s a Talentscan that makes your subconscious conscious!

Wanna know the fun thing? It only takes you 10 minutes to fill in the scan. So, why not give it a try yourself?

Talentscan coaching Hasse Cox

Discovery Call

Are you ready to see your FULL potential?
To unleash your TRUE nature?

This is for you if you are curious about who your really are. If you want to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

  • You’ll receive a full personal analysis with insight into your innate strengths, your potential, your drivers and your barriers.
  • Insight in what makes you WHO you ARE
  • A short report and audio/ zoom recording.
  • The call will take place in Mierlo (the Netherlands) or online via Zoom.

When you book a call I’ll send you an email to make an appointment!

Deep dive into potential

When you’re aware of what makes you YOU and what your potential is. The next step is to LIVE it.

As a coach I truly believe EVERYONE can do this on their own. You can unlock your potential when you know what it is. However, it can be way more fun to do it together with a coach.

  • A coach can be a mirror.
  • A coach can see what you don’t see yourself because you’re living your life.
  • A coach can provide objective perspective.

So you definitely don’t NEED a coach, but maybe you DESIRE one?

I love guiding you in your next step of stepping into your power. In doing so I use all tools I love, so expect playfulnes, creative tools and essential oils! 

If you want to see if we’re a good fit book an exploration call and we’ll have a chat to see if you desire me to be your coach! 

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